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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 15, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> developing right now. the search for a gunman continues tonight in oakland. this is video taken over the scene from our helicopter partnership with sky 7. streets in the area shut down this afternoon. as swat teams zeroed in on their target. believed to be barricaded inside an apartment. and new tonight at 8.kron 4's jeff bush is live with what happened just a short time ago. when authorities finally busted in. jeff? . you see they were on the roof. s route and that entire area make sure that nobody was getting in or out your the police did not fight their suspect. they
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have some leads but they did not-58 their suspect. right now, at oakland headquarters, kron 4 news. new tonight at 8. bound and beaten with a hatchet. the san francisco police are looking for three men. wanted in connection of a bloody home invasion burglary. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the home which police say, was randomly targeted by theives. >> reporter: the front steps of this home appear to be stained ina clear indication of how brutal thursday night's attack in san francisco's noe valley was. was asleep in this green home on the 300 block of 27th street at around 10-30 in the evening. when three men broke in. tied him up and beat him run with a hatchet. police say while the suspects ransacked the house, stealing jewelry. the victim's 58-year-old roommate came home. and, he too was beaten with a hatchet. police say the burglary lasted about an hour, before the suspects ran off. investigators say the
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victim's were taken to a local hospital with serious cuts. but non-life threatening injuries. clarke de maigret lives across the street. saying crime is rare in this area. it's mostly homes, and mom and pop businesses that don't attract trouble. police say all three suspects wore dark clothing, and are all believed to be between 25 and 35 years old. before it is rare for this neighborhood. just a handful of people of this type of night. this time of night. >> reporter: two of the men described as hispanic. the third suspect was wearing a dark mask. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. the community mourns a teenager who was hit and killed, while crossing the street in antioch. police say, the driver did stay at the scene, and neither speed nor alcohol
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played a part in the accident. kron 4's alecia reid is in antioch. where her schoolmates gathered in her memory. >> may the lord help the family there was prayer (singing) >> reporter: and singingand lots of mourning for hasanati white. the black diamond middle school teen was hit and killed thursday. after hearing the news, schoolmates organized a candlelight vigil. young faces sob at every turn. she was only fourteen. a spunky girl they say, mature beyond her years. it with the first time by that her we went out and we fed the homeless in berkeley. it was actually very cool. she was always happy and smiling. she was
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dancing and flamboyant with a great personality. it is just a shade that a young little girl. that is a- share. a shapbut we used to sing together at a church it is a shame... it is unbelievable that she i before her age, she was abasing. >> she was my friend. >> reporter: while some of hasanati's friends were able to express themselves here, others from her middle school wrote their feelings down on paper. the principal tells me she has a stack of letters to deliver to the family when the time is right. in antioch alecia reid kron 4 news. she was amazing.... ("sound of meteor half
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explosion") >> pam: hundreds of people are injured. after a meteor streaks across the sky. and then explodes. this is video taken in central russia friday morning. as you can see here. the powerful explosion also damaged buildings. shattering glass and knocking in walls. people who experienced the explosion. quickly took to videos. kron 4's gabe slate scoured the web looking for the best video which captures the frightening scene. including the moments after the meteorite hit the ground. some of of these videos catcher ric capturing the terrod
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the sound of the explosions. and with car alarms. it was so powerful that it broke windows. and here is a daughter. with a warehous into th. eight othereight othe k at this other look, the beat you earmetowoor you hear windos breaking. and that had back on the street paddocpaddocsome e
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benefits of dash cams were from the civilian videos. and in what is being called a complete coincidence, another large chunk of space the earth today. but unlike the meteor in russia, astronomers knew this one was coming. kron 4's charles clifford shows us just how close the asteroid came to earth. >> reporter: around 11:30 pacific time friday morning, asteroid 2012 da14 whipped past the earth traveling roughly south to north over india. the 45 meter wide rock was traveling about 7 kilometers per second, or 8 times the speed of a rifle bullet. it came within about 17,200 miles of the earth, by cosmic standards thats a very close call. by comparison, the moon is about 239 thousands miles away. the asteroid actually came so close that it passed
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within the orbit of many of the satellites circling the earth. now, this isn't the last we've seen of da14, the asteroid is on a path that will eventually bring it back to earth, but not for awhile. it's next expected visit will be on febuary 14th, 2045 when it's expected to once again sail safely by. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> the one object that we did see were the '70s and the sun shining. those warm temperatures will be nice but a bit cooler for tomorrow. a look outside the bay bridge. cool, warm, temperatures in the 60s. we
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will stay clear and temperatures could be a patchy, of dense fog in the north bay. otherwise, plenty of sunshine. for saturday, and temperatures warming up for the afternoon. '60s and '70s. concord, oakland, san jose all overcast. cooler for san francisco. still, above-average. it begins to get cooler with more about that, later on. >> pam: a developing story. thousands of weary passengers on board the broken- down carnival cruise ship "triumph". are headed home tonight. and that ship is now headed for repairs. passengers are trying to move on from the nightmare cruise. they captured pictures of the mess. camping on the decks. sleeping on the floor. toilets that didn't flush. and trash piling up. in a story you'll only see on kron4 news.
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two bay area friends are back at home tonight. after being stuck on the carnival triumph for 8 days. kron 4's j.r. stone talked with them just minutes after they arrived back at san francisco international airport. . it smelled like a pro -- porta potty at a ball game it was horrible. he went on his crews with a friend we didn't want to get sick.. everybody was fighting over the food. >> you see a lot of things that you do not want to see. it was great to be back that is one of the worst experiences i've ever felt. i would not wish that on anyone. the this is from his
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video. just sitting in the hallway. the helicopters and others were bath robes .... this was a bit of a dire situation. >> with rough seas, no lights and the stabilizers were out. people were scared. and i changed my mind i cannot go home to take a shower and sleep in my bed. i'm going to go to the doctor and have them check me out. give me some shots, because there could be anything there could be nothing -- say for healthy. we were brushing our teeth. with that water. >> reporter: that he only went to see on this cruise
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to see that band. however, they cancelled before all of the trauma. j.r. stone, kron 4 news . >> pam: and coming up in our next half hour. the latest on the investigation into the broken down cruise ship. authorities releasing new information on the manhunt surrounding fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner. and a look at the weapons believed to be dorner's. police on the hunt for two people wanted for shooting and killing an innocent bystander at a bart station. and: gas prices go up, up, up this holiday weekend. we'll tell you how much they've risen. well, well, well.
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rethink possible. >> pam: new developments tonight. in the case of former police officer christopher dorner. who is accused of killing four people. autopsy results show. dorner died from a single gunshot wound to the head. police say, it appears to have been self-inflicted. they say, dorner hid across the street from a police command post. before
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barricading himself in the cabin in the san bernardino mountains. at a news conference this afternoon, authorities also showed several weapons. believed to be dorner's. >> there were numerous assault weapons and also somewhat-automatic handguns. one was a sniper rifle. which is a very dangerous and >> pam: police have taken down the crime scene tape where dorner died. his charred remains were found in this rubble. also today. people who own this property where their cabin once stood. spent the day touring the destruction. a developing story tonight. bart police have released the pictures of two people. wanted for killing an innocent bystander.
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as kron four's terisa estacio reports, police saythe two are also wanted for other crimes. >> he is considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: bart police chief kenton rainey is talking about this man. jabrie romell bobby walter bennett. police say he along with this woman identified as antilea beal are wanted in the homicide of 50 year old kenneth lee seets. here's what they say happened. police say seets was sitting here at a bus stop at the bayfair bart station in mid january when all of sudden two groups began arguing then pulled out guns and started shooting. cops say they believe bennett fired the fatal round killing seets - who had nothing to do with either group. another innocent bystander was also hit, but was treated at a hospital and released. police were able to get surveillance video of the crime. and that has provided valuable leads. just recently two other suspects were taken into custody involved in the shooting. their names and pictures are not being released. as far as beal. police say they don't believe she
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fired a gun during the fight. but they say bennet and beal could be together. >> we are looking for both. last known address is oakland for both. >> reporter: and they say, beal is wanted for other crimes, but wouldn't elaborate on what they were. >> they have outstanding warrants. anybody should call 911 immediately>> if you see them, call 911. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron four >> pam: new information in the deadly stabbing of a teenager in san jose. police say the victim is 17- year-old anthony david santa cruz, of san jose. he is thought to have been stabbed to death tuesday evening, following an altercation about a block from san jose high school. the killing is thought to be gang- related. and now there are concerns about possible retaliation and an escalation of gang violence in the area.never ending cycle >> anytime you have rival
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game gangs... there is always concerns it is unfortunate and also a never ending cycle. >> pam: police did not reveal anything about possible suspects, but said there were several witnesses who are aiding the investigation >> also in san jose, confirmation from police tonight. what at first was thought to be a double murder was in fact a murder- suicide. in a valentine's day tragedy, a man shot and killed a woman he was romantically involved with, himself. it happened thursday afternoon in an apartment on bermuda way near overfelt high school. police did not release the name of either victim. they are hoping to learn exactly what happened from the shooter's room-mate. who reported the incident. the homicide was the 6th this year in san jose. >> pam: the man accused of threatening the life of a bay area state senator was in court today. everett basham, is now charged with no fewer than
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10 felonies. kron 4's rob fladeboe was there today and has details. >> reporter: shackled at the waist and feet and wearing the red jail garb associated with high-risk inmates, everett basham shuffled into court shortly after 1:30 pm friday. clutching some paperwork, basham wore glasses and a two or three day beard as he was arraigned on a laundry-list of charges. he faces multiple felonies for possession of explosives and there were some startling new revelations by deputy d.a. alaleh kianerci. >> in addition to the explosive charges he also has three assault weapons which are illegal and on two counts of forgery of a government audit d. and possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. and forgery of a government--i d.
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>> reporter: in an on-going search of basham's home here on humboldt avenue in santa clara the authorities have discovered complete explosive devices, chemicals used to make explosives and various illegal weapons. as to how and why he forged a government >> because of the safety for the public and the media attention for this case. it is sealed. >> reporter: i.d. badge and for what purpose is part of a court file that has now been sealed by the court. in a brief exchange with the judge, basham acknowledged charges against him but showed no emotion as left last about 10 minutes. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> this beautiful night, with clear skies. temperatures as i mentioned, 60s. san francisco, 63 degrees. clear skies but we
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will see temperatures cooling off after midnight. as we get closer for the overnight hour, 30's and 10's tomorrow with the '60s and '70s. tomorrow, and sunday, some clouds in the morning but eventually some side. because of those clouds and the strong receive breezes.some strong chr. notice, the some seabury' sea breeze the specifi- northwest is not going to impact us directly but it will impact us for the next couple of days. and to borrow, a around sunrise with mid 30's. to borrow, a round of sunshine, went 30's for the sun rory tomorrow. herea
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look with changes. but not until the weekend is over. monday, tuesday, the low 50s and a storm arrives on tuesday. the chance of rainfall with low snow levels. >> gary: coming up alicia and email and a baseball >> gary: coming up alicia and email and a baseball perfornamce [ male annouthe rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room there are a number of phone calls from people in the bay area that some of the there was a large shooting star over the
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peninsula. some could possibly be referring to this as a meteor... and reducekron 4 .com or breaking kron 4 .com
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>> temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. cool and store weather, coming up. stormy weather coming up
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pain at the pump continues into the holiday weekend. triple-a says that in the past month, gas prices have risen by 60 cents in san francisco. they're also on the rise across the nation and the state. kron 4's j.r. stone has reaction from drivers. who say they are just starting to notice the changes. >> this is crazy, the price changes every single day. >> i choose to spend $50 and i do not even think that it will fill my tank. when i first got my car it was only $37 to fill light tank. al,
8:34 pm
it takes $65 to fill light tank. fill my tank. - >> i tried to use my bicycle. >> but it does not appear that the end is in sight. the experts do not think that it will peak until the end of may. here in san bruno the gas stations behind me are selling regular unleaded at 4 dollars and 5 cents a gallon. even that is higher than what it was. unfortunately it doesn?t? some say prices may not peak until may. the u.s. department of energy says increase faster than expected this year. in san bruno j.r. stone kron here's what bay area drivers now. in san francisco, $4.08, in san jose, $4.02. and in oakland $3.99. a developing story tonight.
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the carnival triumph is on its way to the shipyard for repairs. this comes after an engine fire left the cruise ship without power. drifting in the gulf of mexico for days. as sandra endo reports. investigators are trying to figure what sparked what many are calling the "cruise from hell." the crippled carnival triumph received one more tow to undergo repairs and a clean-up in mobile. hours after the final passengers got off the ship headed anywhere but back to the stinking vessel where they were trapped for days. investigators are also trying to figure out how the engine fire started. >> "i wouldn't say it was a big fire but fire is hard to classify. all you need is one fire in the wrong location and it could be as bad as a huge fire." carnival says the fire broke out last sunday in an engine room towards the rear of the ship containing several of the vessel's six engines. >> "i looked and saw smoke, i was like, on my god." >> "it was an experience where most of us felt like we were going to die. i can't even describe how horrifying it was." >> reporter: bahamian maritime officials are the lead investigators since the ship is registered in nassau. u.s. coast guard and ntsb officials are also working to figure out what went wrong. specifically investigators
8:36 pm
are looking into the cause of the fire, crew response, engine maintenance and safety procedures on board the ship. we spoke to a maritime expert who has participated in these types of investigations which could result in minor safety changes to more drastic measures. >> "there could be sanctions against members of the crew and against the officers. and in the most extreme cases there could be sanctions against the owners of the ship." an engine fire on carnival's splendor in 2010 also left thousands of passengers adrift for days in the pacific with no power and limited food. the coast guard and the ntsb have not yet released its findings of that incident. sandra endo. kron 4 news. >> pam: carnival has offered passengers 500-dollars. a free flight home. a full
8:37 pm
refund. and a credit for another cruise. a passenger onboard the carnival "triumph" has filed the first lawsuit against the cruise line. cassie terry of texas describes her last days on the broken down ship as living in a quote. "floating toilet". terry says she and other passengers lived in disgusting conditions. and waited for hours for quote. "rations of spoiled food". terry's lawyer says it's too early to say how much money she is seeking in the lawsuit. >> pam: president obama brought his fight against gun violence to his hometown of chicago today. in a speech at a local high school -- he talked again about the teenager who was shot and killed in a chicago park last month. ha-dee-ya pendleton had just performed with her school band at the president's inauguration. >> "in my state of the union i talked about hadiya on tuesday night and the fact that unfortunately what happened to hadiya is not unique. it's not unique to chicago, it's not unique to this country. too many of our children are being taken away from us."
8:38 pm
earlier today in washington, the president honored 18 americans with the presidential citizens medal. the nation's second highest civilian honor. those honored included the six women who died in the shooting at sandy hook grade school in connecticut. family members were there to accept the award. >> today was payday for people who were given vouchers when they turned in their guns and ammunition at five different gun buyback locations in marin county. 36,000 dollars of the total 43,000 dollars donated for the event went fast-- and the remaining 7000 dollars was set aside. the marin county d-a tell how quickly they ran out of the program was designed to help reduce firearm- related crimes and deaths in
8:39 pm
the county. twitter issuing vouchers. -- we had to start issuing vouchers. >> nice weather, with some very nice weather for this weekend temperatures will be above average for the middle of february. the san mateo bridge temperatures in the 60s. also, temperatures will be warm we will see some of morning clouds forecast. sunshine by late and early afternoon. with those clouds and the sea breezes it will be cooler. mid-60s. and even stormy by tuesday. even the snowfall in the bay area. the futurecast notice
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[ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> pam: now for today's market update. it was a mixed day on wall street. here are today's closing numbers. the dow edged up eight- points to close at 13- thousand-981. nasdaq lost six points to end at three-thousand-192. and the s and p 500 went down one point to one- thousand-519. there are growing questions about president obama's new cabinet. many key nominees are still in limbo.and the clock is critical issues. jessica yellin reports. >> reporter: up in the air? the future of the president's nominees for defense secretary -- cia director -- and treasury secretary -- tim geithner already left the job.
8:43 pm
the choice that's gotten the most attention is the president's pick for defense, former senator chuck hagel. >> "is it true you're angry about the president?" >> "thank you everybody. it's good to see you again. i haven't seen you in awhile." >> reporter: hagel already lost one vote in the senate and his next chance for a do-over is one week away. the longer he hangs out there the more time critics have to find problems. senator mccain told fox news. >> "there's a lot of ill will toward senator hagel because when he was a republican he attacked president bush mercilessly." also in limbo? the president's pick for cia director john brennan. he's ontrusted white house
8:44 pm
advisors. first one republican said he'd hold up brennan's confirmation until he got answers about drone use in the u.s. the president said this. >> "there has never been a drone used on an american citizen on american soil." >> reporter: then critics warned they might hold him up over something else -- the talking points that led administration officials to say the attack in benghazi was sparked by a protest. >> "when brennan comes before the congress, we're gonna, we're gonna find out who changed those talking points or die trying." >> reporter: then there's treasury nominee jack lew. his confirmation was meant to be smooth sailing.but republican senators tell cnn they plan to slow him down over questions about everything from his work at how the white>> "there are a number of problems that could arise and may ripen. i believe that his his nomination should not go forward until white house with regard to >> reporter: sources say the president is still making decisions about these posts
8:45 pm
secretaries of commerce labor transportation and energy, among others the white house has been looking for women and minorities to fill those roles. >> pam: it is not unusual to hold up a president's picks for cabinet posts. the senate even put a brief hold on hillary clinton before she was confirmed as secretary of state. still ahead gary is joined by his lovely wife alicia as they open up the kron four mailbag and answer your plus will the real sharks team please stand up? from a seven game win streak - to a seven game losing streak - gary has the story, and all the sports, next!
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>> pam: take a look at this! a boy in north dakota hits the airwaves to give the weather - and viewers are hooked! nine-year old william hallman made an appearence on north dakota t-v station k-v-l-y's weather segment that has touched off a sensation. now the third grader is dealing with the onset of sudden celebrity! >> "this is great! thank
8:48 pm
you audience for such a great time." >> pam: at his school. william was named student of the week. and he admits he got a lot more valentines this year than usual. does that remind you of your early days, brian? [laughter] we have clear skies out there this evening. over the golden gate bridge and the nice weather. not only sunny skies but warmer temperatures. this will take us over the nice weekend. let me take you through this. sunday, it is going to be nice. san jose, looking
8:49 pm
great. 60s on sunday in '60s and '70s. temperatures of the east bay it is going to be beautiful. danville, 70 degrees. san francisco could be a bit less your kron 4 7 day around the bay you might have to step all little bit off screen.
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>> gary: good evening, everybody. take a look at a difficult rough game. it is the sharks on the board. leading 2-1, the second period. i'm telling you, that somebody has to pay. they have lost seven straight games. and to the nba weekend this under way. celebrity all star game
8:51 pm
comedian kevin hart firing up the west squad at tonight's celebrity all star game in houston the highlight of the night world usain bolt dunking the ball calf looking great. kef kenn take another look - bolt took about five steps but not called for traveling - throws down the dunk. but bolt's east squad lost final: 58-38 west kevin hart the mvp for the 2nd straight year despite only 5 points and 3 rebs ryan braun linked to ped's a new document links former n.l. mvp ryan braun to performance enhancing drugs.
8:52 pm
the document is a hand- written list of names including alex rodriguez and melky cabrera - and how much they paid to biogenesis founder anthony bosch, presumably for performance enhancing drugs. next to braun's name is $1,500. braun tested positive two years ago for testosterone, only to be let off the hook due to a technicality in the handling of his sample. this new evidence once again raises doubts about whether braun is juicing or not. remember during the nfl lockout in 2011 when commissioner roger goodell voluntarily reduced his
8:53 pm
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>> is friday. >> why are you so insisted on letting alex smith go? >> i will use this cliche as a soldier. call colin kaepernick had granted, $25 million in the bank. however, kaepernick is going to be the starter. let this guy start fresh. let him go.
8:57 pm
i do not respect his talent. >> and the queue for your post superable show. if the pe super bowl for the things you take yo thethank-you and grant's wife, justine was hugging people....showing you a human side and great...they had to go to
8:58 pm
justine and year old woodson after 7 for the pack wonder how much he has left. they wanted to get rid of monte ellis and butler,,,world titles,... why is there any question of what team is more popular? truly, i enjoy your children. they are so well- behaved. >> look at that, he was not looking up. >> it is practically better
8:59 pm
than a babysitter, and ipad.


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